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All resources & images on this website are subject to copyright and may only be used for 'Personal Use' & 'Health Purposes' covered by the terms & conditions of the relevant licence



This website just lists JPG images which do not display a copyright notice or a 'Sample' watermark. This makes it easier for you to find images which are avalable using a personal licence.

If you copy, save or download JPG images you may only use them in a new Educational Resource under the terms & conditions of the of following licence. Australia - Health Purpose - Personal Licence for Images - April 2014



For tips on how to use the images in a PowerPoint presentation, check out this link.

Simple tips for using images in PowerPoint presentations



The CDRO has endeavoured to provide accurate and evidence based information, however it is your responsibility (as a user of a resource) to check any information you may rely on for any 'Health Purpose', when using the resources & images on this website.